Abhinava Sandesh Yatra Phase-II Begins



(Abhinava Sandesh Yatra Phase-II)

Pamphlet of Yatra Schedule
Pamphlet of Yatra Schedule-2

Abhinava Sandesh Yatra is part of 1000th (Millennium) year celebrations of Acharya Abhinavagupta.

In Phase-I that began on 31st March from Kanchi Kamkotipeetham, the Yatra proceeded in two separate teams to take the Kalash containing Holy soil of Kashmir to various sacred historical and Religious places of our Nation. The response all along has been unprecedented. Experiences are worth sharing and can help us prepare a firm road to our cherished goal of clearing the Land of Sharda from the accumulated impurities that have been dumped there by invaders and alien thought processes. Abhinavagupta – the forgotten genius from Kashmir – we Know, is the greatest symbols of Kashmir identity as a knowledge centre. He was an excellent seeker, philosopher and exponent of Shaivism. The diversity of Indian thought is synthesized in his writings.

The purpose of the Yatra is to remind people at large existence of such a great person. It also sought to redevelop links with the persons and communities that continue to believe their origins to be in Kashmir. After 11 days Yatra in different parts of our great Country, Abhinav Sandesh Yatra which Reached Delhi /NCR on 10th of April. Kailsha was bought to Hari-Parvat Faridabad. Kailsh Puja was done there astoday was a big function there for Navrah and Zangtrai celebrations organised by KSS Fariadbad and Hariparbhat Prabhandak Committee. From there the yatra “Kalash” was kept at Ishwar Ashram, Sarita Vihar Delhi for darshan to all devotees.

Yatra in Delhi/NCR Phase-II will start on 30th April, 2016 will also move in two Teams on Saturdays and Sundays and cover 12 routes of different parts of NCRwere community resides. Finally Kalish Will Be Taken To Bhairav Cave (Jammu & Kashmir) on 11th June and a grand function will be arranged there!

Route of Abhinav Sandesh Yatra Phase – II (Delhi / NCR)

Date : 30-04-2016 (Saturday)

Route - 1
a)      Starting from Loni (9:00 am)
b)      Kher Bhawani Temple, Near Police Station, Shailmar Garden Ext-1, Ghaziabad. (Timing 10:00 pm)
c)       Dudashwar Mandir Ghaziabad, UP (11:00 am)
d)      Shiv Mandir, Pratap Nagar, Ghaziabad (12:00 noon)
Route Incharge: Mr. Vinod Raina (M- 9968449614), Mr. Ashok Pandit (M -9911605399), Mr. R.K. Saproo (M -8860213684) Mr. Sanjay Nagari (M-9868484573).
Route Coordinator: Mr. Satish Bhat (M-9911959541)

Route - 2

a)      Shiv Mandir, Dwarka Sector – 23 (Timings 9:00 am)
b)      Satisar Apartments, Sector-6, Dwarka (10:00 am)
c)       Janakpuri / Vishnu Garden (11:30 am)
Route Incharge : Mr. Rajiv Dhar (M-9711203604), Mr. Bharat Bushan Bhat, Mr. Sanjay Pandita, Mr. Sunil Raina, Sanjay Tikku.
Routine Coordinator: Mr. Rohit Hashia (M-9818436411)

Date: 01-05-2016 (Sunday)

Route – 3
a)      Kheer Bhawani Mandir, Parparganj (9:00 am)
b)      Shiv Mandir, Indrapuram, Ghaziabad (11:00 am)
c)       Vasundra Kashmiri Mandir (12:00 pm)
d)      Vaishali KWS Shiv Mandir (1:00 pm)
Route Incharge : Mr. Ashwani Dhar (M-9873798982), Mrs. Pamila Dhar (M-9717499888), Mrs. Monica Pandita (M-9899001442 ), Mr. Sunil Dhar (M-9871759533 ), Mr. Kuldeep Pandita (M -9810866374). Mr. Avinash Pandita (M-9971364646).
Routine Coordinator: Mr. Virjee Duloo (M-9910040400),

Route – 4

a) Sarika Bhawan, Sector-17, Faridabad (Timings 9:00 am)
b) Kashmir Samati Delhi, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, (Timings 10:30 am)
c) Mirpur Balidan Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar (Timings 11:30 am)
d) Shiv mandir, Pamposh Enclave, Greater Kailash-II (Timings 12:00 Noon )

Route Incharge : Mr. Puran Patwai (M-9811561341), Mr. Digamber Raina (M-9999404171), Mr. Ashwani Pandita – (9354739771), Mr. Sanjeev Gautam Raina (M-9810126799). Mr. Mahinder Mehta (M-9210264682), Mr. Arun Shali.
Route Coordinator: Mr. Bushan Lal Kaul (Deep ji - 9873784433)

Date : 07-05-2016 (Saturday)

Route – 5
a)      Ashok Vihar Shiv Mandir, gali No 16A (4:00 pm)
b)      Sheetla mata Mandir Palam Vihar Road (5:30 pm)
c)       Sai Mandir, Sushant Lok-I, Gurgaon (7:00 pm)
Route Incharge : Mr. Ashok Bhat (M-9810920888), Mr. Pankaj Dhar (M –9910318444), Mr. Viren Dhar, Mrs. Purnima Raina, Mrs. Pummy Pandita
Route Coordinator: Mr. Shishu Razdan (M-9015173332)

Route -6

War Memorial place Rewari
Route Coordinator: Mr. Ajay Pandita (M-9818698920),

Date : 08-05-2016 (Sunday)

Route – 7
a) Kashyap Rishi Bhawan, Kashmir Socio-Cultural Centre, Sector – 34, Noida (Timings 7:30 am-10:30 am).

b) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram, Sector – 48, Noida – (11:30 am)

c)  Shiv Mandir, Mayur Vihar Phase-III (12:30 pm)

Route Incharge : Mr. Vinod Koul (M -9811180803 ), Mr. Vinod Pandita (M-9818404509), Mr. Jeewan Pandita – (M-9810333132),
Route Coordinator - Mr. Kuldeep Koul (M-981013771),

Route – 8
a) Kashmiri Apartments, Pritam Pura (4:00 pm)
b) Rohini Kashmiri Pockets (5:00 pm)
c) Shiv mandhir, Jain Nagar (6:00 pm)

Route In-charge: Mr. Roop ji Raina (M-9582001931), Mr. JL Dhar (M-9953005844), Mr. Sanjay Razdan (M-9811860165).
Routine Coordinator: Mr. Ajay Pandita (9818698920)

Date: 14-05-2016 (Saturday)

Route – 9
a) Chatarpur Temple (9:00 am)
b) Vasant Kunj (11:00 am)
c) Kamakshi Temple, Qutab Enclave (12:00 pm)
d) Malai Mandir RK Puram (1:00 pm)

Route Incharge : Mr. Virender Karnal (M-9968268494), Mr. Manish Chowdary (M-9899466339 ), Mr. Manoj Advocate.

Route- 10
a) Bhairav mandhir Pragati Madain

b) Nehru Park Bhairavmandir
(Time : 9:00 am) Route Incharge : Mr. Sanjay Razdan (M- 9811860165), Mr. Vinod Pandita (M-9818404509)

Date : 15-05-2016 (Sunday)

Route – 11
a) Harmukh Mandir, Vipin Gadern (9:00 am)

b) Kashmiri Colony, Najabgarah (10:30 am)

c) Kashmiri Shiv Mandhir, Bahadurgarh (12:00noon)

d) Bagwan Gopinath Ashram, Uttamnagar (6:00 pm)
Route Incharge : Mr. Sunil Raina Mr. Arvind Shah (M-9910414249), Mr. Vivek Kampasi (M-9810927987).
Route Coordinator: Mr. Rohit Hasia (M-9818436411)

Date: 22-05-2016 (Sunday)

Route – 12
a) Padal yatra from Gowri Shankar mandir to

b) Gurdwara Sheeshganj, Delhi.
Time: (8:30 am)

Route Incharge : Mr. Ajay Bharti (M-9868936769), Mr. Ashotosh Bhatnagar (M-9871873686),
Routine Coordinator: Mr. Dileep Mattoo (9811353289)