Need To Redraw List Of Stake Holders In J&K?

Even some mainstream political parties and their ‘associates’ so often present to the people the J&K Constitution as totally a separate entity as that from Constitution of India. Not only this they have been making efforts to place before the world the State flag of J&K as a rival to Indian National Flag. Even those who have held and have been holding positions with-in and outside the power centers have not made efforts to undo the adverse, rather wrong explanations and place before the people within and outside J&K the real definitions, clarifications.

Such utterances and attitude has helped even those who question 1947 Accession of J&K with India. Since, all these years, the affairs have not been handled with real commitments some people have certainly succeeded to some extent in sending the message that J&K has a separate constitution. It has been only due to such like handling that some separatist ideologies have got cultivated in Kashmir valley or they are not outrightly rejected by the people (particularly in the Kashmir Valley). Rather even those people who fall in the category of separatists are able to push issues like return of Kashmiri Pandits to Valley into controversies worth taking 'serious' note even by the government to review of programmes and the Kashmiri media for reportings. Whereas, it should not be ignored that the roots of J&K Constitution lie in the Constitution of India (constitution of sovereign socialist secular democratic republic) and that the draft of J&K constitution is to further define the existing relationship of the State with the Union of India as an integral part in pursuance of the accession of this State to India which took place on 26th day of October, 1947.

Similarly, even parties like NC and PDP accusing that some provisions of Constitution of India have been thrust on J&K unconstitutionally. Such accusations have, so far, remained uncontested effectively by all the governments at center (including the earlier NDA Government) and that too has contributed a lot to the politically 'fluid' situations in J&K. Having remained uncontested such allegations have been raising many questions against India in the minds of common innocent subjects of J&K. What to talk of the Ministry of Home Affairs or Ministry of Law and Justice not even Prime Minister has any time in the past issued advisories to the political leaderships to abstain from making such comments. Whereas, one should ask how could constitution be amended unconstitutionally?

The present NDA government should not have waited for more questions and come up with remedies but so far no serious concern has been shown. Recently PDP-BJP led government pushed in Union Flag vs State Flag controversy. Such a sensitive issue was taken so casually even by the present BJP leadership. Even after a year of full mandated BJP Government having taken over when ever some talks are there to go for settling J&K issues,even like claims of displaced persons from Pakistan occupied areas of J&K, return of Kashmir Hindu migrants to Kashmir Valley, grant of service and property rights to 1947 refugees (mostly Hindu) from West Pakistan (then West Punjab), even the separatists elements (those who challenge even the trueness of accession 1947 and vouch for Pakistan) in a way appear included by the official agencies in the list of first stake holders where as the people who have remained unattended since 1947 (who were displaced by Pakistan sponsored 'aggressors' from the areas of J&K now occupied by 'Pakistan') are no where considered as the first state holders; whereas even when any discussions / negotiations on LoC/ J&K territories are to be held POJK DPs should always be the first local stake holders.

All these years' accusations have been made against Governments in Delhi for showing favors towards Valley leaders (even those who talked of conditional 1947 Accession) and taking development of Valley as the first priority. In May 2014 when BJP led government held reins in Delhi people expected some policy change. But it is now nearly one year and still not much conceptual change in approach has been noticed by the people.Hence, the list of 'stake holders' as regards J&K affairs too need be spelled out by GOI as otherwise it will not be possible for any government of India to tackle even the internal issues thereby pushing the locals into more and more divisive controversies and illusions. It is time for the Central Government as well as the state government to introspect as regards the affairs pertaining to the Indian State of J&K and make the opinions and understanding clear before the countrymen. In the mean the people of J&K should at their own level see that the inter-regional ties are not further weakened by any class of people, may it be politicians or separatists.

(Daya Sagar is a senior journalist and a social activist [email protected] )