Seminar on Article 35A of Constitution of India

Jammu Kashmir Study Centre (JKSC) and University of Jammu organized one day seminar on Article 35-A in Jammu. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. R. D. Sharma was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Prof. Abha Chauhan, Head, Department of Sociology, University of Jammu presented welcome address and introduced the theme of the seminar. There were two sessions in the seminar. The theme of the one session was ‘Constitutional and Legal Understanding of the Article 35-A in Jammu and Kashmir’.

Sh. Daya Sagar, Director of JKSC who is also a Social Activist, Senior columnist and Expert on J&K affairs remained the main speaker in this session. In his address, Sh. Daya Sagar awared audience about the technical and legal understanding of Article 35-A. He also explained that how and when Article 35-A was added in the Constitution of J&K.

In his address Hon’ble Vice Chancellor stressed on the need of organizing such seminars to broaden the knowledge of students and scholars regarding the issues which are very peculiar to the state of J&K. The session was followed by interacting discussion. Ajay Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Ramnagar Campus, University of Jammu, presented the formal vote of thanks.
The second session was based on ‘Implications of Article-35A in Jammu and Kashmir’. Prof. Abha Chauhan chaired the session.

In her presentation Dr. Seema Nargotra, Sr. Assistant Professor, Department of Law, University of Jammu highlighted the plight of West Pakistan Refugees living in the state of Jammu and Kashmir,due to lacuna in legal and Constitutional provisions . She argued that the need of the hour is that the legislatures must realise the pain and sorrows they suffered since 1947. The legislatures must unite for granting permanent Residence to these Refugees who are struggling hard for their citizenship for the last seven decades.

The other speaker of the session, Prof. Renu Nanda, Department of Education, University of Jammu talked about the daughters of the state who are not given equal treatment at par with men. She argued that because of Permanent Residence Certificate, daughters of the state feel insecure. She questioned: How women married outside the state are cut off from the state legally, emotionally and socially. She stressed about the pain and agony of the women who are married outside the state. She said that in the present society on one side we are talking of equality, human rights, human security, on the other hand women are exploited and discriminated with the introduction of articles like Article 35-A.

Ms. Deepti Manchanda, Ph. D. Scholar Department of Sociology, University of Jammu threw light on the various issues and set of demands of West Pakistan Refugees, 1947. Sh Lamba Ram Gandhi, President of West Pakistan Refugee Front, 1947 and Sh. Uday Chand, Spokesperson of Jammu Pradesh United Front, presented their views regarding the plight of the West Pakistan Refugees, the problems they face and the implications of 35-A on them. In the concluding remarks of the session, Prof. Abha Chauhan highlighted that it is the responsibility of the intellectuals and civil Society to create awareness among the people regarding issues like 35-A and many others which are detrimental to the development of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Shreeya Bakshi, Research Scholar of the Department of Sociology conducted the programme and also presented formal vote of thanks. The Teachers, students and scholars of different departments of University of Jammu and members of civil society participated in the seminar.